Monday, August 29, 2016

A Five Day Retreat

After a Sunday of pure joy as we celebrated the Feast of St. Mary, I'm off for a five day retreat. I am grateful to St. Mary's Vestry who gave me extra days to process our post-flood lives. I am grateful to staff who tend our parish-life so that I can be away. 

I have my knitting, books and music on my iPad, and comfortable clothes. I'll stay with dear friends and ponder and pray and be open for God's good gifts and surprises. 

When I return, fall at St. Mary's will be it's usual whirlwind. I'll begin teaching at the Iona School for Ministry and continue facilitating First Time in Charge, the Diocesan mentoring retreat for curates. We'll select a contractor, and begin restoring the Rectory, and I will prepare to move home. 

This is a week to prepare to begin again. 

I am thankful.