Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Enough: Dream


The vision is here, the dream is here, the unseen presence is here. What we are to become is dancing along with us even now, just out of sight. If we listen, if we are attentive, if we are obedient to this new, true self in Christ, it will lift us overhead and help us fly.

-Br. Mark Brown

Up early to walk the labyrinth as my prayer this morning. The labyrinth was created when the sisters transformed their tennis court in celebration of their fiftieth anniversary.  A dream prayed and lived and now shared with the world. 

My prayer walk continued over to the peace garden. Rain last night had left large pools of water. 

The sister who walked with me yesterday evening took great delight in one particular flower called the cardinal flower. It has a large red spiked bloom, and the plants once covered the Indiana prairies.  

When the peace garden was created this past year, the gardeners had planted a few starter plants.  Sister Jeanne's dream was to harvest the seeds, germinate, and transplant the seedlings with abandon. 

She proudly showed me her tiny seedlings for the cardinal plant. The seeds themselves are smaller than a grain of salt, so the fact the flowers grow wild is quite a work of God. She told me of the challenges and trials of getting the seeds to grow and the many that had not made it though too much water or too much sun. 

As we walked together, what delight she exuded whenever she spotted one of these red spikes, walking purposefully to one after another, and admiring each that she found like a long lost friend. 

There are so many dreams in the peace garden.  As I walked back to the monastery, a dove landed in front of me. She wandered through the flowers as if there were beauty enough for her, too. 

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