Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday: Will we?

It's Holy Thursday. 

The day about disciples simply hanging out, being together, and eating meals with one another.  As shown by Jesus in the last supper he prepares for those who follow him. 

The day about disciples learning to love. To serve. As shown by Jesus who kneels before those who follow him and washes their feet. 

The night that disciples are invited to wait and watch and pray with Jesus. As shown by those who said they followed Jesus who did not pray and watch with Jesus in the garden of Gethsamene. As those who said they followed Jesus did not do during his arrest and trial. 

Will we eat a meal with each other?
Especially at Maundy Thursday worship. 

Will we serve and love each other?
In all those unexpected times Jesus will offer us, especially today. 

Will we watch with each other?  Will we pray with each other? Will we wait with each other?
Especially during vigils through the night tonight and tomorrow as we observe Good Friday. 

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