Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pilgrimage to Taos: Second Tuesday in Advent

Yesterday's travels took us first to lunch in Abuquerque at a restaurant chosen from parishioners' high recommendation, then a stop in Santa Fe at a new coffee place, Iconik, for beautiful cappacinnos and the purchase of luscious cinnamon rolls for this mornings's breakfast. 

After the exquisite, peaceful drive to Taos, we shared dinner with friends who welcome us each year with their hospitality. 

This morning, ready for those luscious cinnamon rolls, with a shriek from my friend, we discovered that ants had found our breakfast treat. Ants in Taos!  Who would have imagined? What a jar to start the day. 

But then there was God. We had bought artisan wheat bread for meals at the local grocery. We found butter in the refrigerator and raw sugar and cinnamon in the pantry. The cinnamon toast God provided was the perfect start to the day. 

So much of my life has been about how my very good plans go awry, and how God always, always steps in. 

A very good start to this Advent walk. 


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