Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pilgrimage to Taos: Second Thursday in Advent

No wind at the window, no knock on the door 
No light from the lamp stand, no foot on the floor 
No dream born of tiredness, no ghost raised by fear
Just an angel and a woman and a voice in her ear 

Oh, Mary, Oh, Mary don't hide from my face 
Be glad that you're favored and filled with God's grace 
The time for redeeming the world has begun 
And you are requested to mother God's son 

This child must be born that the Kingdom might come 
Salvation for many, destruction for some 
Both end and beginning, both message and sign 
Both victor and victim, both yours and divine 

No payment was promised, no promises made 
No wedding was dated, no blue print displayed 
Yet Mary, consenting to what none could guess 
Replied with conviction, "tell God I say yes."

This is the Annunciation hymn that we're singing at St. Mary's this Advent. I first sang it in worship on Iona this fall and when I heard the words, I knew it was to be shared. 

The words keep playing in my ear, and so when I walked a labyrinth in Taos earlier this week, this was the song I sang, particularly the verse, 

Tell God I say yes. 

Of course, like Mary, we have no idea what that yes will mean. Still, with the breath of prayer, we are requested (I love that choice of word in the hymn) to say yes. 

At Iona Abbey, in the Cloister, is this amazing sculpture. It is called "The Descent of the Spirit."  For me, it is the Annunciation. For me, it is about saying yes. 

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