Friday, February 26, 2016

A Sabbath's Day Walk

It's my Sabbath. The day for the monkey brain to rest. For email checking to cease. To give to God the many, many things left undone.  

To take a Sabbath's day walk. 

On my list of things I've wanted to do is walk to my neighborhood Starbucks. It's only a mile away, but being a Texan, I always drive there.  

Still.  It's my practice not to drive on my Sabbath.  And I had a reward for free food that expires today. So I decided today was my day to walk for my breakfast. 

I downloaded the new Kate Campbell cd. A perfect choice since she recorded it on the road, and the songs have a traveling theme. 

Walking in Houston can be a challenge. No sidewalks. Cars whizzing by. Direct routes blocked by security gates.  

Once safely arrived, I enjoyed my free breakfast sandwich and was quiet amidst the morning rush. 

I read my morning devotional and decided to respond to the 40acts challenge immediately. I bought a Starbucks' card and loaded it with cash.  On my way home, I stopped in the bank next door to the Starbucks and gave the tellers the card, inviting them to enjoy coffee on me today. I left with them sending me God's blessings. 

On the way home, I listened to a podcast I never have "time" for. I also received the gift of a butterfly sighting and the first bluebonnet of the year. 

In the Orthodox tradition, a Sabbath walk is about half a mile. I'm grateful that mine could be longer today. 

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