Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Centering Prayer Project

Back when I decided to do something about my crankiness, I decided a good solution would be to make Centering Prayer a daily practice.  To hold myself accountable, I'm using the world of technology. Since I started July 15, I'm posting a photo each day to the Day One Journal of the place where I pray. 

 I'm using another app, Centering Prayer ( from Contemplative Outreach) that allows me set a practice with prayers, chimes, and a timer. 

I'm on my way to Oregon to celebrate me grandson Austin's fourth birthday. I've decided to invite him to join me. He loves technology, so that will be a little incentive.  He and I can set the app up for a prayer time.  More importantly, I've found most little people take to the quiet of centering prayer with more ease than those of riper years. 

So where did I center in prayer today?  On the plane, of course!  (Those are Texas tomatoes in the bag, by the way, that are traveling to Oregon). 

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