Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent in Denver

On my way for Jonas' #1, I'm over half way through a seven hour layover at the Denver airport. Thankfully thankfully thankfully I had a pass for the United Lounge with comfortable chairs and free snacks and wifi.

Working on pictures and music; praying for those I love. It's 70 degrees colder here than when I left Houston. Putting my Advent wreath on my front door before I left, I had to swat the mosquitoes away. Now all I see outside the window is snow.

The word for today on one of my iPhone Advent devotionals is:


Julia on Norwich said,  "The best prayer is to rest in the goodness of God, knowing that that goodness can reach down to our lowest depths of need."

And Brother Curtis said on the SSJE Advent Word for the Day, which today is Desire:

Listen to your desire. Our capacity to desire is God-given. No matter how flimsy our desires, no matter how conflicted or shadowy or duplicitous or even wrong our desires may be on the surface, they are connected to something deep within our souls that really demands attention, and that is good.

If you want to hear what The Rev. Barbara Crafton has to say on this first Thursday in Advent, you can follow this link.

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  1. Wonderful is my word reading the blog.