Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's with my mom

Up early early to drive to the farm to be with my mom for Valentine's. I arrived before noon, and she was ready with homemade soup made by her and my brother's homemade bread. It was a lunch full of smiles.

One of the things I rediscovered on a daily basis on my Sabbatical was joy. Waking up with a smile joy. Fruit of the Spirit joy.

Since joy is linked with the work of the Holy Spirit, I've decided to take on joy this Lent. I was retaught by that same Spirit what gives me joy during my Sabbatical-- knitting, baking for others (well, as long as I can lick the bowl), being with my grandboys, dancing, having endless time to sit in my prayer chair meandering through spiritual practices.... That's a start.

Today, besides the joy of being with my mom, which included walking with her about this property that's been in the family over 150 years and seeing the first spring blooms, I baked two kinds of bread. With small servings for me since Weight Watchers is also a Lenten discipline ( every year we begin again.......).

There's a Lenten trend here, this second day of Lent. Bread in communion with the people I love--three Eucharists at St Mary's yesterday, a home communion, breakfast bakery communion with my friend, and now more bread communion with my mom.

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