Saturday, November 10, 2012

Silence: Day Three

I ended my silence today with Diurnum (Noonday Prayers). But first I sat in the Chapel and prayed the St. Mary's directory--lifting each person's name in prayer. I was saddened that four more of our family are now in the place of Light Perpetual--John, Suzanne, Susanne, and Lou.

Later today I'm off to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit another Woman Touched by Grace, Sally.

It's a beautiful fall day and, as always, God is very good.


  1. Rev'd Beth
    I should have looked at your Blog long before now and it is a little ironic that a very long day of work would be the day that I finally get to it. However, I have decided to simply ignore the mounds of work that I should be working on.
    I would love a day of silence. Three days would be very hard - and certainly would not be good for my practice. :)
    Just know that you are missed, but we are so very glad that you have a chance to be with the Beloved.
    John Akard Jr.

  2. Thank you, John. Praying for some bits of quiet, peace, and even silence for you. Hugs to your precious family!