Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking mindfully

There was a big storm in the night--howling, screeching wind and pounding rain. It was good to be inside.

On Iona, the ground is always wet and the paths always have puddles, but the walk to the Abby for morning worship had to be done with extra care today. One misstep on slippery rocks or into a puddle would get the day off to a not so good start.

So I walked towards worship with extra attention and care. Mindfully. Prayerfully.

I've been trying to live all the minutes of my day with more attention and care. Mindfully. Prayerfully.

The walk to and from worship as the sun rose once again over this wee island began a rhythm which I hope, I pray, will be my spiritual practice for the rest of the day.

Mindfully. Prayerfully.

Oh. And I didn't slip or fall.

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