Friday, March 23, 2012

Fourth week of Lent ponderings

"Leaving his tent to explore......he lost his bearings.  In the absence of trees or landmarks, he was compelled to relearn how to navigate in this new place with different rules. "

                                                               From exhibit notes at Telfair Museum, Savannah, on installation of  Leo Villareal, "Desert of the Real".        

"God is, paradoxically, to be found in the places where God seems the most absent.  In precisely these places, God is at work in unexpected and surprising ways, bringing life and hope from death."
                                                                                  Scott Kershner, Lutheran pastor, quoted in The Christian Century 2/22/12

"To deny oneself is to place Jesus' priorities, purposes, and path ahead of our own;
to take up the cross is to be willing to suffer the consequences of faithful living;
to follow him is to travel to unknown destinations that promise to be both dangerous and life-giving."

                                                              Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, Preaching the Gospel of Mark

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